Beautifying supply chain management

SiRP makes a supply chain management tool that’s built to fill the gap between buyers and suppliers. Their platform’s user interface was due for a major refresh, so we worked together to overhaul this SAAS tool from top to bottom making it’s user experience as seamless as possible.

Countless Colors

finding that perfect feel

We experimented with a multitude of different color schemes for SiRP’s UI, eventually deciding on a peaceful & playful watermelon-inspired pair of accent colours.

SiRP branding color
SiRP UX menu design


Drawing attention to what matters

SiRP’s new UI features a strong emphasis on how information gets displayed. Being the data-heavy tool that it is, plenty of detail was paid to what data gets shown and where

Continuous Data

See the same data in more than one place? Then it shouldn’t feel like different data. SiRP’s new UI makes understanding different data points more clear through simplified layouts and carefully detailed animations. 

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