Tiffany & Co.

Luxury shopping UX

E-commerce doesn’t have to be boring. Imagine if a jewelry retailer leveraged smartphone technology to its fullest extent to create an immersive shopping experience using app clips and augmented reality.


Shiny and elegant

Retailers decorate their stores immaculately, but how does one dress up a website? One option is glassmorphism, a style that utilizes blurred backdrops to mimic the sophisticated feel of glass.

Augmented Reality

Virtual try-ons

Imagine using augmented reality to try on jewelry from the comfort of your home. These are the types of applications that are being created by forward thinking retailers to reach customers all over the world.

Diamond Mining

So about that…

While Tiffany & Co. aims to be a leader in sustainable diamond sourcing it’s important to know that not all diamonds are created equality. Check out this other project where I compared diamonds to grapefruits.

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