No patient alone

How do you build a social network with a positive atmosphere, with the goal of helping patients navigate healthcare? Curatio provides patients with rich educational content and programs, medication and health tracking, and most importantly peer-support through a sense of community.

Healthy communities

Social networks with purpose

One of our goals was to alleviate the feeling of social isolation caused by health issues. Curatio leverages peer support to build communities on the fundamentals of companionship, knowledge, and compassion. All to make sure patients know they’re not alone.

Did I take my meds?

Medication adherence

Tracking medication can be a complicated process. How do I add new medications, specify dosage timing, adjust my titration schedule, and set parameters for refills? Plenty of edge cases to solve for, all to help users reach their health goals

Telehealth done right

Virtual meetings

How do we make sure patients feel comfortable and cared for? Loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions, so Curatio aims to alleviate loneliness with virtual events and support programs.

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